TOP 17 Underrated Minecraft Mods for 1.18.1 on Forge & Fabric!

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Hello guys, today we take a look at some underrated Mods that definitely deserve more attention and are really worth trying. All mods work in 1.18.1 and the link to each mod is in the description.

🔎 About my Settings:
– Resourcepack: Default
– Shader: Complementary Shader

📌 Link to each Mod:
Skinned Lanterns [BOTH]
Awesome Dungeon [BOTH]
Awesome Dungeon Edition Ocean [BOTH]
Creeper Overhaul [BOTH]
Carpet Stairs Mod [FORGE]
This Rocks! [FORGE]
Snuffles [FORGE]
Simply Steel [FORGE]
Sign Button [FORGE]
Patina Pipeworks [FORGE]
Eight’s Primates [FORGE]
Hardcore Torches [FORGE]
Wandering Trapper [FABRIC]
Llamarama [FABRIC]
Chest Tracker [FABRIC]
Compostable Rotten Flesh [FABRIC]
Direbats [FABRIC]

⏳ Timestamps:
0:00 – Intro
0:13 – Skinned Lanterns [BOTH]
0:30 – Awesome Dungeon [BOTH]
0:53 – Awesome Dungeon Edition Ocean [BOTH]
1:28 – Creeper Overhaul [BOTH]
1:52 – Carpet Stairs Mod [FORGE]
2:16 – This Rocks! [FORGE]
2:46 – Snuffles [FORGE]
3:26 – Simply Steel [FORGE]
4:04 – Sign Button [FORGE]
4:25 – Patina Pipeworks [FORGE]
4:54 – Eight’s Primates [FORGE]
5:27 – Hardcore Torches [FORGE]
6:02 – Wandering Trapper [FABRIC]
5:38 – Llamarama [FABRIC]
7:03 – Chest Tracker [FABRIC]
7:48 – Compostable Rotten Flesh [FABRIC]
8:06 – Direbats [FABRIC]
8:34 – Outro

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