The New Balance BB 550 SE1 is Style & Hype Balling on a Budget

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If you want to be balling in the hype gang with style but are on a budget then definitely check out the New Balance BB 550 SE1. Today I’m taking a look at this GR iteration of the 550 low basketball model which shortly followed the very hyped release of the Aime Leon Dore release of last year. This model has been so popular that even the GRs sold out almost instantly and people were trying to resell them. I’m pretty late with a review but scarce stock and a unicorn size on top of that is not always beneficial to grab a pair for a review. Anyway, they finally landed and I just wanted to share my thoughts on these bangers. So if you want to find out whether it’s worth it to drop the extra cash for resell on these babies then you have to click into the video ;). Enjoy!

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