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Cashapp: $toiworld 🛐

Paypal: 💟

Facebook: /toiday757 📳

Instagram: @toi_world 📷

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(((((Popular Questions/STATS)))))
Name:Ava aka Joy Amor / Plus Size Shay
Hgt: 5’11 📏
Wgt: 580 lbs. ⚖️
Waist: Wide AF 👗
Gender: LGBTQIA “Aunt Pam”
Color: Money Green 💚💲💚
Work: Full Time Micro-Youtuber 🎥
Hobby: Live Stream / Homebody. 👩🏾‍🎤🛋
Location: Virginia 📍
Relationship: Jarrell Harlyn
Sign: Taurus ♉
Age: 40 ➕
Favorite Food: It changes daily 🐟 🍰 🍤
Favorite Emojis: 🤎💙🤎
Online Personality: Potty Mouth 🤦🏾‍♀️
Offline Personality: Total Sweetheart 💕
Dreams: Buy A Beautiful House 🏠
Fav Words: Miss.Thang, Dortha, Smooches! 💋

About Me:
I’m not in competition with nobody. I’m rooting for everybody who’s blk. I’m only on Youtube for fun. I honestly don’t care about views & sub counts. I only share what I want you noisy a*s looky loo’s to know. I’m an extremely private person, In my personal life I don’t have any friends. Also I was born a MILLIONAIRE, I just don’t have all my money yet.

I created this channel to make my ladies laugh and myself, while battling severe mental & health conditions. This is my therapy. If you can relate to me and not get offended over my strong humble opinions on certain topics feel free to Subscribe, Comment, Like and Share. But don’t subscribe without pressing the notification bell. 🔔 ✌🏾

Topic we talk about the most:
#girltalk #ladiesOnly #live #news #relationships #lgbtq #transgender #life #war #reaction #entertainment #funny #plussize #joyamor #live #mukbang #gossip #carchat #plussizeshay #peach #peachmcintyre #show #messytalk #drama

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