PSO2NGS Tier List for Main Class

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pso2 ngs tier list for main class
PSO2 New Genesis Guides ►

PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 NEW GENESIS – pso2 new genesis defense quest
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HUNTER – Hunter Guide PSO2 New Genesis ►
Avert enemy’s attacks by using Guard and Sidestep, and dish out huge damage using Counter. This class includes class skills such as Photon Arts Avenger, which increases the PA’s attack power if attacked by the enemy while activating the PA, and Hunter Physique, which reduces damage taken for a set period of time, and can nullify enemy blowback attacks.

FIGHTER – Fighter Guide PSO2 New Genesis ►
Deal high damage through various actions, depending on the battle situation.
What sets this class apart is that you can link each PA attack with a separate attack, or see the attack through to its end.
The Class Skill Overload features an increase in both damage taken and given for a set time.

RANGER – Ranger Guide PSO2 New Genesis ►
The Ranger class favors attacks with ranged weapons to aggressively take down enemies.
When you hit the enemy with the Class Skill Blight Rounds, the part you hit will become its weak point while increasing damage dealt by all of your allies. This is effective against strong enemies, such as Boss Enemies.

GUNNER – Gunner Guide PSO2 New genesis ►
This class excels at mobility in the air, and specializes in close to medium-range combat.
The Gunner’s Chain Trigger can build a Chain by landing attacks upon activation. A powerful Chain Finisher Boost can be triggered when you land an additional charged PA at the end.

FORCE – Force Guide PSO2 New Genesis ►
This class is well-suited to long-range combat with Techniques that aggressively lead to Elemental Debuffs for enemies.
Force has various Class Skills to support PP recovery for the usage of Techniques, and they can continue attacking from long-range making use of their abundant PP.

TECHTER – Techter Guide PSO2 New genesis ►
Techters excel at supporting allies.
The Class Skill Shifta / Deband allows the player and their allies to increase damage dealt, and reduce the damage taken.
A follow-up attack called Photonic Fury can be triggered to cause various debuffs.

BRAVER – PSO2 NGS Braver Guide ►
Braver uses both melee attacks with a katana and long-range combat with a bow, and is a well-balanced class that can handle a variety of situations.
The Class Skill “Brave Combat” reduces PP consumption for a set time, and recovers additional PP when attacking.
Moreover, using this skill again while activated will launch a powerful finishing attack.

BOUNCER – PSO2 NGS Bouncer Guide ►
Their high mobility gives Bouncers the upper hand when engaging in aerial combat.
Furthermore, their class skills are advantageous in causing physical or elemental downs during combat.
By using the class skill Physical Decline with the Soaring Blades PA, and Elemental Decline with the Jet Boots PA, the player will be able to down an enemy faster than ever.

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