[PSO2:NGS] Level 35 Augment guide (Retem Update)

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Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Augmentation Guide.

This will be my first guide video for PSO2 NGS hope you guys like it and enjoy the video.

Dash Matoi Calculator:

Please take note that this video is only a reference on how you can augment your units and weapon by the end of the day it still depends on your play style.

there might be some mistakes in the video if there are just let me know.

sorry if my voice sounds a bit off this is me haven’t done any videos for months.

1:01 Vidalun-2pcs Geant

2:29 3pcs Vios units

3:25 Ultra Budget build

4:21 AddiSta 54% potency build

5:31 Secreta III AdiiSta 54% potency build

6:36 50% no addi capsule

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