[PSO2: NGS] Beginners Quick Start Guide

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EDIT: Gold Boxes DO Re-spawn! I can’t read.

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0:00 Complete Tutorial First!
1:14 Central City
1:29 Focus on the Main Story
1:39 Importance of Dailies & Weeklies
1:57 How to obtain 950 Battle Power
2:09 Class Trainers
2:43 Base PSO2 Player Tips
4:04 Where to Farm for EXP & Gear
6:22 Enhancing Gear
8:38 Inventory Management
9:56 Green, Red, Gold Boxes (Green & Gold Boxes Respawn!)
10:59 Sub-Class & Skill Points/ Tree
12:24 Auto/Manual Wall Kicking
13:19 Have Fun!
14:12 Conclusion

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