JENNY’s BiRTHDAY SURPRiSE 🐴 Mom’s pirate island bday party! Adley & Niko make mom breakfast in bed

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aaaaand the RETURN OF TALL CHiCKEN!!


Best Pirate Birthday Day Ever 1199

Today is a very special morning breakfast routine, because it’s Jenny’s birthday!! Adley and Niko Bear get up early with me so that we can surprise mom with breakfast in bed. Instead of making her just one thing, Adley comes up with the idea that we make a breakfast buffet! We get some juices and cereal, some breakfast bars, and Niko Bear toasts an English muffin. After breakfast, the kiddos and I jump up to the table to make homemade birthday cards for Jenny. All that arts and crafts time paying off, cause the kids make amazing cards!! We all head upstairs to wake Jenny up, sing her happy birthday, and have family fun together eating breakfast.

It’s then out to the front yard to get Jenny ready for her next surprise. Adley helps me blind fold Jenny so that we can put her in the new monster truck and drive her to pirate island!! After a few tricks to disorient her, we arrive and I lead her to the beach where her present is waiting for us. She takes off her blind fold to find a set of golf clubs special just for her and that Pirate island has been transformed into a golf course!! Jenny loves golf!! I show her the course and the map (huge shout out to the creative team at the Spacestation for helping get this all put together) and another big surprise… Tall Chicken is going to be our caddy for the day!! If you’ve been around for a while, you know that Chicken is one of our best friends and we have missed him so much!!

It’s time to golf!! As we get to each hole, there is a present waiting for Jenny. All of them have deep meanings, like remembering her birthday when we were dating, or tape recordings from Adley and Niko Bear telling Jenny they love her and to have a happy birthday!! Jenny really loved it. As we golf, making awesome shots and having tons of family fun, we realize that this is probably going to be our longest vlog ever. It’s almost a movie!!

Mine and Jenny’s scores are really close, and we get to the last hole of the course, Jenny tees off and scores a whole in one!! It’s so awesome!! As we are celebrating, Adley, Niko Bear, Baby Navey, Alli, and the creative team surprise us with cake!! I love all the surprises we have. We realize that the kiddos and us haven’t had food since our family breakfast so we jump in the purple tesla and head to Jenny’s moms house. After a quick meal, I throw the blind fold on Jenny one more time!!

We drive back to pirate island, I’m making jokes about getting a new pet horse for our backyard the whole time. We get there and Jenny is surprised once more by the Spacestation Crew!! We play some pickleball, have a bbq by the lake, Oh and Nick and Pookie bring the babies, one of the best gifts for Jenny!!

But this birthday movie isn’t over! We even go into the next day, cause I have one more big surprise. One of Jenny’s sisters lives in Nevada and we don’t get to hang out with her often. So I decide that for Jenny’s birthday, I’m going to fly Michelle out to surprise the whole family! I know i’ve said this before, but I love surprises!!

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