Dani Gurgel – Da Pá Virada [Nosso 2008]

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Da Pá Virada
(Debora Gurgel / Dani Gurgel)

on Dani Gurgel’s album “Nosso” (2008)

produced by Dani Gurgel and Thiago Rabello

voice Dani Gurgel
drums Thiago Rabello
piano & rhodes Debora Gurgel
acoustic & electric bass Daniel Amorin
acoustic & electric guitar Michi Ruzitschka
percussion André Kurchal

executive production Da Pá Virada

recorded live by Thiago Rabello & José Carlos Leme at Na Cena Studios, in São Paulo, from June 30 to July 2, 2008. assistants André Valeiras, Vitor Paranhos, Filipe Mendonça, Rodrigo Costa.

mixed by Thiago Rabello, at Oca – Casa de Som e Imagem, in São Paulo, on July & August 2008.

mastered by UE Nastasi, at Sterling Sound, in New York, on August 2008.

video recorded by Dani Gurgel, live at the recording sessions.

video edited by Dani Gurgel at Da Pá Virada studios, in São Paulo, on August 2008


A step towards uniting Brazils new generation of songwriters and musicians, Nosso, Dani Gurgels new album, means Ours. Besides her own songs, Nosso brings a landscape of new brazilian music, on jazzy and sophisticated arrangements, remembering and innovating bossa nova. Its not just a new singer album, nor a new songwriter one, but a symbol of many peoples work: composers, musicians, producers, partners and audience.

Produced by Dani Gurgel and Thiago Rabello, a lot of the albums songs came from Danis 2007 Dani Gurgel e Novos Compositores (Dani Gurgel and New Composers) project, which introduced many songwriters that gave birth to many new partnerships. Some of those, which have been recorded by Dani in Nosso, are Vinicius Calderoni, Dani Black, Giana Viscardi and Ricardo Barros. Also in 2007, Dani won Programa Nascente, a fest of São Paulos University (USP), with her Da Pá Virada project. Meaning a fast and tricky child, Da Pá Virada was composed by Dani and Debora Gurgel, the main arranger of Nosso.

With a pianist for a mother and a saxophone player for a father, Dani Gurgel lived most of her life on instrumental music. She was a saxophone player at a big band conducted by Roberto Sion, and at Zimbo Trios saxophone section, then a bass player at her composers group with Vinicius Calderoni and Tó Brandileone. Dani drew her path through music from many angles until she became a singer-songwriter. Her work on music photography and her instrumentalist baggage collaborate for of beautiful sounds and images.
Nosso is an album made by all of us, for all of us: the work of many partners for the union of a new generation.

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