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O wise man, o warrior – Your path is that of the great “yes” to life. Amor Fati is the end of negation and the end of resistance. No more flailing around and denying your life. Each and every moment of your life has value and poetry. Every experience has created a aspect of who you are, Every experience has gone into the construction of your one and only existence. Regrets are merely desires to erase reality . Leave such things behind you. Let such thoughts fall effortlessly from you as you embrace your fate. You know only affirmation and complete and total acceptance. You face life and howl a heartfelt yes into the winds of fortune. Your heart is lifted as you contemplate your being. Laughter ripples through you in wave after wave as you live through moment after moment with joy and love. All the pain and suffering are but rich colours that add to the beauty of the glorious work of art that is your own life. Your destiny that you paint with every breath, every experience and every thought. Amor Fati is the path of the wise man. Accept your destiny of wise man – o warrior. Embrace the truth of all that has been. Smile with the exuberance of the golden ones and love your fate. Love your destiny. All that has been, has been and no amount of gnashing of teeth or lamentation will change that. That is the path of folly. You flow with the rivers of reality. You live in deep love with reality as others resist life by drifting into fantasy and delusion. Henceforth let Amor Fati be your love. Never desiring for things to be different. Accepting reality is wisdom. Eternity has created you thus and it is nothing short of magnificent. Wish, then, to be a yes-sayer. The negators of life shall find only disappointment and frustration. Wage war no longer on the ugly. Beyond mere acceptance we love that which has been given to us. With an open heart you say yes, yes and yes again. This is my life says your heart. This is my truth says your soul. You are filled with love for all that has created you. You are absolutely committed to accepting all that life has gifted you. Every pain and every pleasure has constructed you. You breathe deep into your lungs and feel life running through your veins. This is your life and your existence. This is your gift from the universe. Awake and alert. Grateful and brimming with joy at this opportunity to love your own life. Amor Fati is yours. Amor Fati is the formula for greatness. Treating each and every moment—no matter how challenging—as something to be embraced and loved with passion, not avoided. To not only be okay with it, but love it and be all the better for it. So that like oxygen to a fire, obstacles and adversity, trials and pain become fuel for your potential. The fire that warms you and lights your path. Everything is as it should be. Upon your lips are the words “Thus I willed it” as you laugh with an open heart. The truth resonates deeply within you and peace is in your core. You breathe peace and live peace as your resistance to what is, fades away. Each feeling and it’s fluctuations will come into your awareness, it just something to accept. No need to judge your feelings. You feelings are the energetic manifestation of what is in your experience right here and now. . Let them be and find yourself, at peace and in profound joy. Allow yourself to feel and forbid nothing. This undercurrent of deep peace is always with you. Profound joy permeates your body and mind as you accept what is. You are the great “yes sayer”, you are the great lover of life,

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